Research engineer is strengthen our team

- It´s going to be both fun and exciting to contribute to Lipum's progress, says Assar Bäckman, research engineer. Assar comes with extensive experience in the field of gene expression analysis and he will strengthen our team in the lab during the autumn by further digging into BSSLs role in the inflammatory process on a [...]


Shareholders meeting in Lipum

News: Umeå, 18 August 2020. Lipum invites to a meeting with the shareholders On August 27, Lipum shareholders will meet virtually. The recent progress and plans for the future will be presented and discussed. More detailed information will be sent out in personal mail. Warm welcome!


Lipum prepares for LSX Nordic Virtual event

News: Umeå, 13 August 2020. Lipum participate in LSX Nordic Viritual event 1-4 September. LSX is a community of senior life science decision makers where they connect senior life science executives with the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners the companies need to grow their businesses. “Through these conferences and networking events we have the possibility [...]


Growing up with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Clara Laurell. Foto: Roger Larsson, Hallandsposten News: Umeå, 27 August 2020. Growing up with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Every year, more than 200 Swedish children are diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), also called childhood rheumatism. JIA is a rheumatic disease that affects joints, causes severe pain and reduce the quality of life. Lipums aim is [...]


The founders want to improve patients’ quality of life

Lipum is on a steady course towards clinical studies with its candidate for the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SOL116). Previous we announced that the cell line was fully developed and was ready for the next step. BioStock has taken the opportunity to talk to one of our founders, Professor Olle Hernell, about the company's [...]


Immuneed announce the start of a new cooperation with Lipum

Immuneed is announceing the start of a our cooperation. Behind our project are extensive discussions and planning, which Dr. Pernilla Abrahamsson, Chief Operating Officer at Lipum sees as a cornerstone of successful cooperation. ”Drug development is both time-consuming and expensive, which makes it important for partners to understand one another,” she says. ”Creating a solid [...]


The production development at Abzena proceeds successfully

At last our fully humanised antibody and lead candidate SOL-116 will be traveling soon. The production development at Abzena proceeds successfully and according to plan. Downstream processing and quality control have been done and SOL-116 is on its way to Umeå. An enthusiastic team is waiting impatiently to continue with further studies.


Lipum strengthens Board with experienced docent

At the end of last year, we were able to announce that the cell line had been completed. Recently, another good news was brought, a significant reinforcement to the company's board. BioStock took the opportunity to talk to Lipum's new addition to the boardroom, Dr. Kristian Sandberg, about his thoughts about Lipum and what he [...]


SwedenBIO opens a Q&A function

SwedenBIO has opened up a Q&A function on their website. Here, questions can be asked about the Swedish life science industry's role in meeting current challenges. Click here to get to Q&A »


A milestone has been reached

After an intensive and targeted work, the cell line development of our lead drug candidate SOL-116 has been finalized. Now the production optimization and scale up has been initiated and that will provide access of non-GMP and GMP material during 2020. That will enable toxicity studies and start of clinical trials as planned during 2021. [...]

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