Ola Sandborgh, CEO

Total shares with related parties and insurance: 37 500
Warrants A2 2021/2025: 0
Leading roles in different commercial, innovation and business development positions in companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur MSD and, most recently, as Vice President Immunology & Specialty Care at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi). Been leading global cross functional teams as well as coordinating partnerships with numerous of companies, contributing in several early to late-stage development projects and acquiring a significant experience within M&A ́s and DD ́s.

Professor Susanne Lindquist, Head of Research (CSO) and co-founder

Born: 1960 | Entered: 2010
Total shares with related parties and insurance: 324 696
Warrants A2 2021/2025: 0
Doctoral degree in microbiology and associate professor in pediatrics at Umeå University. More than 20 years of research work on BSSL and more than 20 original scientific articles. Susanne Lindquist has expertise in preclinical models for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Pernilla Abrahamsson, COO

Born: 1972 | Entered: 2019
Total shares with related parties and insurance: 7 125
Warrants A2 2021/2025: 8 000
Doctoral degree in anaesthesiology and intensive care at Umeå University. Pernilla Abrahamsson founded MD Biomedical AB and developed advanced medical equipment (OnZurf Probe). The company was acquired by Senzime AB in 2015, where she worked until she started her job at Lipum.

Marina Norberg, CFO

Born: 1964 | Entered: 2021
Total shares with related parties and insurance: 16 300
Warrants A2 2021/2025: 4 000
Marina Norberg has experience of companies of different sizes in different industries. She has for many years been an approved auditor at PwC and worked as an authorized accounting consultant within Aspia AB. Marina has broad managerial experience and has also been part of the management team for Aspia.

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