Lipum AB´s (publ) (“Lipum”) main owner Flerie Invest AB (“Flerie”) announced on 1 March 2024 that it has acquired an additional 859 shares in Lipum and that Flerie thereafter owns a total of 2,981,553 shares, corresponding to approximately 32.01 per cent of the total number of shares and votes in Lipum.

According to the Swedish Securities Council’s statement AMN 2023:30, Flerie was granted an exemption from the obligation to make a mandatory bid that could arise as a result of Flerie subscribing for its pro rata share in the rights issue that Lipum carried out in 2023. According to the exemption, an obligation to make a mandatory bid arises if Flerie subsequently acquires additional shares and thereby increases its voting rights in Lipum.

Thereby, the threshold for a mandatory bid according to the Takeover rules for certain trading platforms has been exceeded. According to Flerie’s press release, Flerie intends to revert with information about a possible public takeover bid for the remaining shares in Lipum within four weeks from 1 March 2024.

For further information, please refer to Flerie´s press release, Flerie Invest AB has increased its holding in Lipum AB (publ), whereby the limit for mandatory bidding has been exceeded – Flerie.