Lipum AB´s (publ) (“Lipum”) main owner Flerie Invest AB (“Flerie”) announced on 1 March 2024 that it has acquired an additional 859 shares in Lipum and that Flerie thereafter owns a total of 2,981,553 shares in Lipum, corresponding to approximately 32.01 per cent of the total number of shares and votes in Lipum.

Through its acquisition on 1 March 2024, Flerie passed the threshold for a mandatory bid according to the Takeover rules for certain trading platforms. Today, on 6 March 2024, Flerie announced a mandatory bid offer of SEK 6.60 per share to the shareholders of Lipum (the "Offer") and published an offer document relating to the Offer. The acceptance period for the Offer is expected to commence on 7 March 2024 and expire around 4 April 2024. For further information, please refer to Flerie's press release and to the offer document relating to the Offer which is available on Hagberg Aneborn’s website and Flerie’s website

The Board of Directors will evaluate the Offer and obtain a so-called fairness opinion. A statement on the Board of Directors' attitude to the Offer is intended to be announced well in advance of the expiry of the applicable acceptance period according to the Offer.

The board member Carl-Johan Spak will, due to his role as Senior Advisor to Flerie, not participate in the Board of Directors’ handling of or decisions on matters related to the Offer.