An opportunity for investors

BioStock interview with Einar Pontén, CEO Lipum, at the LSX World Congress in London. (Time 4:33)
Einar Pontén, CEO, presents Lipum at BioStock Live 27 August 2019 (Swedish) (Time 22:55)
Einar Pontén, CEO Lipum gives a Company presentation at BioStock Life Science Summit, 23 October 2019. (Time 8:44)
Interview with Ulf Björklund, Chairman of the Board Lipum, at BIO-Europe 2019 in Hamburg. (Time 6:28)
Einar Pontén, CEO, presents Lipum and futured plans, February 2017. (Time: 1:18)

Partnering for development

Lipum is actively seeking partners for a faster development and we are interested in establishing strategic partnerships for different stages of drug development. We welcome service providers to contact us if you feel you can contribute.

An opportunity for investors

A novel mode of action, less adverse effects on the immune system, and the potential for an orphan drug designation are factors we believe makes Lipum an attractive investment.

The company has its roots in the academic environment and basic pre-clinical research was mainly funded by academic grants. For several years Lipum’s scientists also got advanced support from the highly renowned SciLifeLab in Sweden. Soft funding was received from Novo Seeds, Innovationsbron, SWElife/Vinnova and Umeå Biotech Incubator.

In year 2016 Lipum received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme SME Instrument phase 1 under grant agreement No 744248 (0.5 M€) and in year 2018 SME Instrument phase 2 grant agreement No 829741 (2.2 M€).

The project website can be accessed here » 

The first capital investment was made by Almi Invest AB in 2016 (2.5 MSEK). Thereafter, three private placements has financed the progress by 3 MSEK in 2017, 25 MSEK in 2019 and 8 MSEK 2020. Today Lipum has 49 shareholders.